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6 unexpected things that happened this week

Loyal dogs, a “serial pooper” and hot dogs – it’s all the weirdest stories you need to hear.

TERRY GOODKIND ONCE said that “when the whole world is crazy, it doesn’t pay to be sane.”

Whether or not you agree with Terry’s assessment of the world, know one thing: the unexpected is always better than the expected.

That is why, every single week, every single Saturday, we round up the most bonkers, weird news for your reading pleasure. Your reading pleasure is our pay-off.

Go go go.

BREAKING: dogs truly are man’s best friend. A boy was found safe after going missing in North Dakota this week – being watched faithfully by his beloved dog, Cooper. The 3-year-old child went missing from his garden at about 7.30pm. A search party of 200 searched for the child for seven hours before he was found about a mile away, huddled underneath the dog. It is thought Cooper sheltered the boy from a thunderstorm. Legit Lassie territory. Give that dog a friggin’ medal. (HuffPo)

Flying cars could possibly be close to becoming a reality. Aircraft company Terrafugia have release a video announcing the vehicle they hope will make all our childhood movie fantasies real – for those with $279,000. There are some problems to be overcome, but the technology might soon be here. SHRIEK! Alert your inner child. (

TerrafugiaInc / YouTube

What has been dubbed a “serial pooper” is on the loose in Houston. In the local area of Woodland Heights, an unwelcome visitor has repeatedly let loose in gardens and driveways of several residents. He has even targeted one house six times. Police are hunting him, having caught The Phantom Pooper on CCTV, saying he’ll face charges of “criminal mischief”. We’ll say. (KPRC Local 2)

Nature programme presenter Bill Oddie’s house has become overrun with giant rats, in a great twist of irony. How do YOU like your natural habitat being overrun with another species, eh Bill? The TV star revealed on Twitter that there are “at least 30 in the garden” and referred to it as a “rat invasion”. A well-known animal-lover, Bill then referenced calling an exterminator. Tough love, seemingly. (Mirror UK)

Rat with Teddy Bear. - Imgur Please let us stay Mr Oddie Imgur Imgur

A woman in Florida has landed herself in significant legal trouble after getting a land-clearing company to bulldoze the trailer of a neighbour she didn’t like. She showed the operators that she had a key to the property and claimed she currently lived inside, before getting them to topple it. Apparently the woman, Ana Maria Folch, had gotten the static home demolished because she found her neighbours “unsavoury” and she considered her actions “a favour” to the neighbourhood. Ah, Ana. Did they have one gaff party too many? (Yahoo! News)

The NSA’s gibberish tweet was not all it seemed. On Monday, the National Security Agency of America, yep the ones who spy on us all, tweeted this:

Of course, it wasn’t just a random pocket-tweet. PLEASE. This is the scary super-spy NSA we’re dealing with. It’s a code, a relatively simple cipher that actually reads: “”Want to know what it takes to work at NSA? Check back each Monday in May as we explore careers essential to protecting our nation.” Clever, eh? Almost too clever, really, considering they’re the people looking at your browser history.

Hey you! Yes, you. You! Spotted any bizarre news in your local area? Let us know on pretty please with a cherry on top. Share the wealth! Ah, go on! 

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