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An unlucky lad is going viral after a prankster locked a padlock on his earlobe


ATTENTION, ALL THOSE with stretchers in their ears – watch your mates. This viral Facebook post may have given them an idea for a prank.

A man going by the name of Tom Grim Fandango Matthews posted this photo of him with a padlock through his earlobe earlier this week:

padlock Source: Facebook/Tom Grim Fandango Matthews

But this isn’t some sort of fashion statement. Tom was the victim of a random prank.

So guess what some little w**k stain just did to me if I find you I will put you six feet under

His rant has been shared more than 2,000 times, and also featured a bit of colourful language that DailyEdge.ie will not repeat – safe to say, he’s mad.

When asked how in the name of god it happened, he said:

Literally having a fag out back they came out heard a click turned round realised there was a padlock on my ear and tried to chase em

He revealed he eventually got it off with a pair of bolt cutters, which sounds entirely unpleasant.

Well, he can take comfort in the fact that he wasn’t the first, and he certainly won’t be the last:

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