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18 jokes and references only Parks and Rec fans will get

You’re 5,000 Candles in the Wind.

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ACCLAIMED COMEDY SERIES Parks and Recreation has just begun its seventh and final season on US television.

It stars Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman, and the show’s characters have become beloved for their quirky and hilarious carry on, from Leslie Knopes unwavering loyalty to Pawnee, to Ron Swanson’s unwavering loyalty to bacon.

If you’re a fan, you’ll get all of these…

1. Preach

x354 Source: Wanelo

af68fc88620cc821713fdc8eed765654 Source: Pinimg

2. Treat Yo Self

674630384a3411e2aaa222000a1fb843_7 Source: Distilleryimage0

3. Jean Ralphio forever

jean ralphio Source: Tumblr

4. Tune

mouse-rat-5000-candels-full Source: Scarecrowboat

5. It’s basically poison

snake Source: Snakehole Lounge

6. Classic Gerry/Larry/Terry/Gary


7. Ron’s way with words

il_570xN.666678677_mfon Source: Etsystatic

8. The morningstar mystery of season 7

star Source: Twitter

9. Andy <3 April

catdog Source: imgur

10. Leslie <3 Parks

11. We would watch this film




12. Go on. Do the voices

tumblr_nhy2doJxjJ1td46geo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

13. Breakfast foods for life

14. This guitar presented to Chris Pratt by Gibson

mouserat Source: @prattprattpratt

gib Source: @prattprattpratt

Mouserat for life.

15. Mark 13 Feburary in your diaries


16. Ya Heard?

shit Source: LadyCommaFoxy on Tumblr

17. Dammit Jerry!

BdBDGzbIAAAPBxw Source: @JustNutella

18. We’ll take one of each

tumblr_mnxed9b3oV1r01qyso1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Altogether now…

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