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hug it out

13 pictures of humans hugging animals that will make you feel better

You’ll probably be a bit emotional by the end. In a good way.

MONDAYS EH? THEY can be a bit tricky if you’ve had a really terrific weekend and are trying to get your working brain going again.

If you’ve hit a bit of a wall before you’ve even had your lunch allow us to ease the pain with some nice pictures of people hugging animals.

You’re welcome.

1. Little girl hugs cute dog

Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

2. Hugging a horse

Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

3. The happy, happy cow

Chris Gardner/AP/Press Association Images

4. The ultimate panda hug

via Imgur

5. A rottweiler who looks delighted with life

Jeff Christensen/AP/Press Association Images

6. This heartwarming moment with an elephant

Woowoowoo / Flickr

7. Getting to know a llama

The llama seems a bit above the whole thing.

There's always one eh?

satemkemet / Flickr

8. Going for goat

reway2007 / Flickr

9. The dog joining the group hug that isn't happy about it

That dog would really rather not we reckon

satemkemet / Flickr

10. The dog delighted to be having a group hug

While this dog is just clearly really thrilled about having two people in on the fun.

Rachel Allyson / Flickr

11. The cats who are a bit shocked to be photographed

marymactavish / Flickr

12. The dressed up pug who looks unhappy

istolethetv / Flickr

13. The hug that happens while you work

Talk about multi-tasking

_tar0_ / Flickr

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