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11 people who need to give up social media for Lent
It’s time.

GIVING UP FACEBOOK or Twitter for Lent is becoming increasingly popular amongst the social media-obsessed.

We’re not saying they have to, but we think stepping away from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram might be a good idea for these folks.

1. Jade, the oversharer

jade facebook Twitter / @Worst_Status Twitter / @Worst_Status / @Worst_Status

2. Lisa, who quite possibly outstrips Jade in the oversharing stakes


3. The pair who were far too devoted to their Snapchat story

4. The woman who could think of no better word to describe her infant son than ‘sexy’


5. The wanted criminal who couldn’t resist commenting on his own mugshot

spencerlake Twitter / @SpencerAlthouse Twitter / @SpencerAlthouse / @SpencerAlthouse

He was nabbed by the police a few hours later. In fairness, he probably doesn’t have any choice but to give up social media for Lent.

6. McDonald’s, for trying to get ‘down with the kids’ on Twitter

Say ‘bae’ again. We dare you.

7. This ‘sex attic’


8. The guy who fell foul of autocorrect in the worst possible way

arsenal Twitter / @Worst_Status Twitter / @Worst_Status / @Worst_Status

9. This gal, who took time out from feeling emotions to snap a selfie

6IB2I Imgur Imgur

But ARE u OK hun?

10. Shelby, who should have probably asked Google


11. And Shawn.

shawn Twitter / @Worst_Status Twitter / @Worst_Status / @Worst_Status

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