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11 pets who really want to be part of your wedding

I do. Woof.

PETS ARE WAY more important in people’s lives than they get credit for.

So when it comes to the most special day of our lives, why wouldn’t we let Rover be the ring-bearer? IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

1. The horse who is wondering why he didn’t get a plus one

Source: Bridal Guide

2. This llama who just really wants a kiss too, you guys. You guys?

Source: Pennies and Polka Dots

3. A bridesmaid bunny who frankly can’t believe she didn’t get a special outfit – or even a veil? Please

Source: Rubies and Ribbon

4. This grey bunny is ruminating on whether the reception will serve champagne or prosecco and whether it really matters

Source: Bridal Guide

5. Dour dog thinks the bride has made a HUGE MISTAKE- wait, cuddles, cuddles, it’s all fine

Source: Bridal Guide

6. The dog who is wondering how he got roped into being ring bearer when he only wanted to play fetch

Source: Next Exit/celebrationscouture

7. The pug who decided to steal the whole damn show

Source: blog.denverpost.com

8. This dog who has been mistaken for the groom

Source: Bridal Guide

9. This dog who successfully eloped with the bride

Source: Facebook/Dogs: The Woof Works

10. That one dog who took it too far

Source: Bridal Guide

11. This cat who wants to be the one in the veil, damn it

Way to ruin the day, cat. Nice one.

Source: loldamn

Were your pets involved in your wedding? Would you be into seeing next door’s tabby cat during their ceremony? Let us know in the comments.

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