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14 tweets that will make every picky eater say 'yep, that's me'

*texts Mam* “I ATE A CARROT!”

NOBODY CHOOSES TO be a picky eater. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, and the general public isn’t exactly understanding about it.

But you’re not alone. Many, many people share in your plight, and they have messages of solidarity.

1. When you try to step out of your picky eater box…

2. …And the regret that follows stepping out of the box

Never again!

3. The terror of dinner at a friends’ house

“SH*T. I’m not going to like this. SH*T, I’m gonna have to eat it anyway!” *hyperventilates*

4. And the struggle of disposing unwanted food

5. These totally normal and not at all annoying requests

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

6. This pile of rejects

Get thee behind me, Satan.

7. This particular problem

8. This struggle

Have you considered supporting our new campaign, #PutNuggetsAndChipsOnAdultMenus2017?

9. “Just pick them off.”


10. This important announcement

11. When you can detect even a hint of a food you don’t like in your meal

There’s a shred of unwanted lettuce SOMEWHERE in your deli sandwich. You’re not sure where, but you will find it, and you will kill it (pick it out).

12. And when your ‘on the side’ request is blatantly ignored

We asked you to do ONE thing. Just one!

13. When people tell you to ‘broaden your horizons’

Tweet by @Krispy Taco Belle Source: Krispy Taco Belle/Twitter

14. And when you’re perfectly happy with your ‘plain’ food

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