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18 simple dreams of people who rent

We don’t want anything fancy. Just minimal mould.

harrypotter Source: Daft.ie

1. To simply look online, find a flat that looks nice, view it, and commence living there

2. Or even that there will just be ten other people in the queue to view it, rather than 20. Imagine!

3. That the flat at least somewhat resembles the pictures on Daft

4. And seems like it was decorated in the last 100 years. We’ll take wallpaper from 1915 at a push

bedsit Source: Daft.ie

5. Actual central heating. Just think of it

6. Fluffy carpet that has not been worn to a muddy grey by the feet of a thousand tenants

7. Death to all IKEA prints

8. And to never see a chair like this lurking in the corner of a room again

Screen-Shot-2012-10-10-at-15.33.07 Source: Broadsheet

9. A landlord who calls or texts before they land in, so you can put a bit of smacht on the place

10. A landlord who basically never lands in

11. Not having to spend a month waiting for the boiler to be fixed because your landlord actually cares about your wellbeing. Slow down there, dreamer

12. Having one of those landlords you hear about who gives their tenants wine and chocolate for Christmas. Those fabled unicorns

studio Source: Daft.ie

13. Minimal mould. Not saying there has to be none, but minimal would be great

14. Double glazing. *eyes mist over*

15. A downstairs bedroom that doesn’t have a back door leading out into the great unknown

16. A housemate that doesn’t hoard dirty mugs, plates and cutlery in their room

17. Having a pet of your very own

18. And getting your full deposit back. Ah, pipe dreams!

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