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7 delicious things to do with your sausage

How do you eat yours?

Full Irish Breakfast Source: JaredFrazer

NO FULL IRISH is complete with a couple of delicious sausage pals.

But there are so many more things our humble pork friends are capable of.

Try them…

With toads and holes

Recipe here (stop sniggering).

ultimate-toad-in-the-hole-with-caramelised-onion-gravy Source: BBC

In roll form

Simple recipe here.

sausage rolls_0 Source: Food Network

With chicken and sage

Thanks Nigella. Recipe here.

sage Source: nigella.com

In a ball

Just remove the casing. Recipe here.

balls Source: jamieoliver.com

In a curry

It’s delicious, we promise. Recipe here.

curry Source: Cauldrons and Cupcakes

With mash and gravy

Mmm, onion gravy. Recipe here.

onion Source: BBC

In perfect sausage form

According to extensive research by The Guardian, the perfect sausage is unpricked, with a high proportion or fat to meat, gently fried for a long time (up to 40 minutes!).

$5 Dinners: Sausages Frying Source: LarimdaME

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