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# birds of terror
Why seagulls are the world's worst birds
The very worst.

WE CAN’T LIE we really don’t like seagulls.

They just might be the scariest birds in the entire world and seem happy to terrorise all around them just to get some food.

They’re just terrifying to be honest.

1. They are thieves

Look at this seagull stealing Dortios like it’s not a big deal.


NosySnoop / YouTube

2.  They seem all calm and then they freak out on you

This is very, very scary:

via GifBin

3. They’ll nick food from a dolphin if they want

Everybody loves dolphins.

Everybody except horrible seagulls obviously.

Petsami / YouTube

4. They gather around looking all creepy

Look at them, hanging around getting ready to be all mean.


Rainier Ehrhardt/AP/Press Association Images

5. They won’t even take pity on drunk people

Most of us know that drunk people should be left to be merry and drunk.

But once a bit of food was left around this young drunk fellow the seagulls cared not for his possibly weakened state.

Not sound seagulls.

Not sound.

TheJLouis7 / YouTube

6.  They’ll attack you for food with no shame

Where are your manners seagulls?

nejournallive / YouTube

7. They are rats with wings

As wisely pointed out in Finding Nemo:

8.  They are vicious predators

This is just upsetting to watch, the poor little baby duck.

Paul Hughes / YouTube

9. No, seriously, this picture seals the deal

We won’t be able to sleep thinking about this one.

Alastair Grant/AP/Press Association Images

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