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Fans photoshop falling Benedict Cumberbatch into everything you can possibly think of

Who knew Sherlock had so many talents?

WE’VE HAD STRUTTING Leonardo DiCaprio, Sad Keanu Reeves and Prancing Michael Cera – now the latest celebrity to fall victim to the photoshop meme is Falling Benedict Cumberbatch.

The folks over at Reddit’s r/PhotoshopBattles were challenged to take the below image of Sherlock falling and have their way with it.

lXiq7aQ Source: Imgur

And have their way with it they did. First we have Sherlock doing a spot of conducting:

fN81ABw Source: Chootz

Next, Skrillex-lock:

Krjq3v0 Source: _Ollie

During the last season, Sherlock revealed he was very fond of dancing, and so is our Photoshop Sherlock. Here he is trying out African dance:

54THHE9 Source: vleesebanaan

Getting down with his bad self to some Michael Jackson:

WeYL89Z Source: Shappie

And even flirting with becoming the new Michael Flatley:

2YAsrYu Source: Shappie

Here he is getting on the wrong side of some Spartans:

NwTnKcl Source: Biltema

And here, walking hand in hand with his friends.

7X5HjGg Source: Pavlos_UK

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