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11 things that will definitely happen at an Irish 21st

It’s a rite of passage that can’t be avoided, no matter how hard you try.

AH, THE 21ST birthday party, a long-held Irish tradition. This coming-of-age signifies an arrival to adulthood, despite being able to drink for three years already and drive for four. You’ll probably attend dozens of these parties in your early 20s, but we’d be absolutely shocked if they didn’t all look like this:

1. There are photo collages of the birthday boy/girl on the wall

21 years Source: Gavin Anderson

2. There’s a centrepiece of confetti and balloons in the middle of the table

21 must be on EVERYTHING, in case people forget why they’re there.

991405pink21confetti-lrg Source: Littlestarparties

3. It’s in the nearby GAA club or the function room hidden out the back of the local

Basically anywhere with a little wooden dance-floor in the middle. God have mercy on the souls of those who dance outside the designated zone.

partydancefloor Source: Maryfield GAA

4. The DJ is a family friend on their laptop

Must play the macarena, Call Me Al, and love the sound of their own voice.

Laura's 21st Source: nickstone333

5. Everyone will ‘Rock the Boat’

rocktheboatraheny Source: dj shero

6. There’s more family than friends present

You better believe an auntie will be the first one on the dancefloor and granda will have a bop with the girlos. That’s if they’re not scowling disapprovingly at the rig-outs on everyone.

grandadpartycomplain Source: Peter Taylor

7. A dodgy stripper will show up

stripper21st Source: OsnapitsYana

8. Everyone scrambles so they’re not the 21st kiss

The line quickly escalates from everyone to no one. Nobody wants to be the last kiss simply because of the immense social pressure it carries.

Cassandra's 21st Birthday Party Source: carolynwakefield

9. A cocktail sausage and onion ring spread is on the menu

Those with notions will have a chocolate fountain and probably arrived on a party bus.

297278_262107057159055_224472594_n Source: Discos.ie

10. The birthday/boy girl will give an awkward speech

Afterwards, mammy is presented with some flowers and a voucher for dad.

389906_295277467160588_707603896_n Source: DJ Paddy

11. Everyone goes back to the house

There’ll always be floods more drink there, probably out the back in the bucket of ice.

Bucket of Beer Source: indi.ca

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