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6 unexpected things that happened this week

Cats with many lives and priests with recording contracts – it’s all the week’d weirdest news.

CRAZY IN LOVE, that’s what Beyoncé says.

Well if you’re crazy in love with the news, then you’re among friends here.

Every Saturday morning, serves you up the weirdest, wildest and most wacky news from around the world. 

Let’s begin.

The singing priest, Fr Ray Kelly, has signed a record deal with Universal. After a video of Fr Kelly singing his wedding sermon to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah went viral (amassing over 36 million views to date), the singing priest has officially hit the big time. Apparently he was in talks with Sony also, but Universal snapped him up. He says his music will be “a mixture of hospel and spiritual music”. Well, thank God for that. Er, you know what we mean. (

invitationlovejesus / YouTube

A man in Portland, Oregon phoned the emergency services this week – earnestly reporting that a chicken was crossing the road. The man claimed that it was causing traffic. He opened his report with: “Hi, um, this is actually not a prank call…” If you have to start conversations by assuring the person you’re not joking, you might want to have a rethink about the whole endeavour, eh? (TIME)

An unusual religious battle has broken out in Canada, with a “Pastafarian” fighting for his right to wear a colander in his driver’s licence photo. Obi Canuel, the man in question and also an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, says he should be allowed wear the strainer on his head and that it is a matter of religious expression. This story would be better if this name was more easily moulded into an “Al Dente” joke. Curse you, Flying Spaghetti Monster. (CTV News Edmonton)

A busy mother in the throes of labour stopped off to register her son for junior infants. The woman thought she had just enough time to do so before she gave birth – but unfortunately she was mistaken, and the baby was born in the campus clinic of Fisher Elementary School in Pasadena. At least this new baba will be registered well in advance. (Yahoo! Weird News)

A cat in New York survived a 9-storey fall. The cat – named Gizmo – sustained only minor injuries after it fell from a Manhattan apartment building. Samuel Jacobs said the cat was “freaked out” but otherwise fine. Only eight lives to go! (AP)

catoast Funny As duck Funny As duck

Two pound shops in the same UK shopping centre have entered a cut-throat price war. The two discount shops, in Dunfermline, have been steadily dropping their prices – down as low as 93p from the usual £1. The shops are attempting to undercut each other. Listen, lads, you’re POUND shops. The clue is in the name. (Mirror UK)

Aaaand it’s all the previous bonkers carry-on in one bumper place>

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