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Single dad takes hairdressing class so he can give his daughter cute hairstyles

He’s now a dab hand at the old French plait.

Image: Facebook

A SINGLE DAD took a hairdressing class because he wanted to give his daughter “different” hairstyles – and as it turns out, he’s rather good at it.

Greg Wickherst from Pueblo, Colorado has been looking after his daughter, Izzy, since he split up with her mother.

When Izzy hit three years of age and her hair started getting longer, Wickherst realised he needed to up his hair styling game from the basic ponytail.

“I didn’t want to be the dad that just didn’t know how to do my daughter’s hair,” he told Buzzfeed News.

Wickherst works in a college with a hairdressing department, so one day he asked the hairdressers to help him out:

I spent a couple of hours working on a mannequin and [the hairdresser] showed me how to do a bun, a French braid, all the different styles.

Greg Wickherst - Izzy's Hair Styles | Facebook Source: Facebook

“It blew my mind how easy it was to do a bun,” he said. “I don’t think most guys know that it’s that simple.”

Wickherst says several mothers have come to him for help with styling their own daughters’ hair – so he’s documenting all the new hairstyles he’s trying out on Izzy on his Facebook page.

They can be elaborate, like this three-plait, beribboned style:

Greg Wickherst - Izzy's Hair Styles | Facebook Source: Facebook

Or nice and simple, like this cute bun:

Greg Wickherst - Izzy's Hair Styles | Facebook Source: Facebook

Sweet. We trust he’ll be more than ready when Izzy requires a fancy upstyle for prom.

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