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8 household noises that are conspiring to prevent your good night's sleep

Beep. Beep. BEEEEP.

BEDTIME. A PIECE of cake for some, but a lengthy struggle for others.

Maybe you’re one of those people who shuts off like a light the second their head hits the pillow. But maybe you need perfect silence to settle down, and the slightest sound can have you like this:

Awake Source: Photobucket

Here are some of the worst offenders.

TV noises


Oh, someone must be watching Friends.

*pewpewpewpewpew* *pew*

Video games? At THIS time of night?

Perhaps you’ll shuffle down in your slippers and be That Guy, the one that says “Can you turn it down a bit? I’m trying to sleep.”

tumblr_mgivpy8cPE1qdzjsao1_500 Source: Tumblr

Smoke alarm running out of batteries

This always happens just when you get to that space between dozing off and deep sleep. You’re having one of those strange dreams, when all of a sudden…

smokealarm Source: Flickr/Mike Linksvayer

Then there’s the age-old dilemma: Do you take out the batteries, get a good night’s sleep, but risk not knowing if there’s a fire? Or leave in the batteries and be safe, but without sleep? IT ISN’T FAIR.

Washing machine spinning itself into overdrive

Someone put on the washing machine at 11pm and now it sounds like a tiny airplane taking off.


No, that’s grand, sure you don’t need to go to sleep anyway. It’s so much fun just lying here.

Banging gate

This one is particularly aggravating because you can never quite predict when the next gust of wind will come along and bang it again.

opengate Source: Flickr/Justin Lincoln

Will you have to get up to close it? Which bright spark left it open? But what if the open gate means…

Imagined (or real?!) intruders

ROBBERS! They’re definitely here, they’re definitely downstairs, and they’re definitely rootling through the kitchen cupboards.

roflbot (1) Source: Shutterstock/Family O'Ábe

How do you know? You heard the sound of the press door closing. YOU DID.

Crying baby

Everyone knows it’s virtually impossible for anyone, even the most steadfast of heavy sleepers, to snooze through a crying baby.


So in fairness, you’re not the only one being put out here.

Mystery noise

What IS that? It sounds like…nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Do you investigate? What if it’s a GHOST? Best stay in bed with the covers pulled up to your chin.

tumblr_lr881krLUG1qlrinq Source: Kashflow


Of course, if it isn’t all that, it’s the treachery of the person sleeping next to you (or indeed, in the next room over).

giphy Source: Giphy

All the poking, prodding, and strange nose clips in the world won’t save you now. Resign yourself to your sleepless fate.

sleepcollage Source: Sleep Solutions/Shutterstock

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