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Which of these bad night's sleep sound familiar to you?

From the early riser’s fear to the nighttime jerks, sleep has many enemies.

A BAD NIGHT’S sleep is the worst, and unfortunately, we all have them.

They are not all the same, however.

Some people suffer from the same sleep problems over and over again, other people experience the full spectrum of dodgy nights.

Which of these bad night’s sleep sound familiar to you?

The Crack of Dawn

This bad boy rears its ugly head when you have to get up early the next morning.

You probably go to bed early, thinking a good night’s sleep is exactly what you need but then it eludes you entirely.

You wake up once every hour (if not more), fearfully looking at the clock to see if you’ve overslept.

Once you realise it’s still the middle of the night you spend some time calculating how much sleep you have left, and stressing about how tired you’re going to be.

The Crack of Dawn also often features a period of good deep sleep in the half an hour or so before your alarm goes off, meaning getting up is extra difficult.  Despite the fact that you’ve been wide awake for half the night.

Nice one, internal body clock.

The Sweaty Betty

Primarily a feature of Summer nights, the  Sweaty Betty happens when ‘this weather’ interrupts your usual pattern.

Your duvet is too warm, and your pillow is drenched in sweat as you toss and turn the night away.

Occasionally, however, this happens for no clear reason.  It could be freezing outside and still Betty creeps up to ruin your night.

Those are the most frustrating.

The Nightmare

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s hard to sleep when your deepest darkest fears are playing out in your subconscious.

Sleepus Interruptus

This bad boy happens as a result of someone else’s behaviour, and for that reason it’s deeply enraging.

It may be someone’s snoring, a housemate’s vocally amplified amorous behaviour or some noisy cretin shouting and roaring outside your window.

One thing’s for sure, you will not be waking up a happy camper.

The Can’t Sleep Won’t Sleep

These are the nights where you can't even get to sleep in the first place.

You count the bloody sheep, listen to the frog sounds, even download a sleep app, but it's just not happening.

As the hours tick by you recalculate the number of potential sleep hours you have ahead of you, and become more and more miserable.

It is the worst.

The Jerk

Your own body is your enemy on these nights.

Stupid body.

Even though your brain is tired and ready to switch off, your body parts feel differently.

You may have restless legs, or indeed a jerky body, essentially it's an inability to remain still and it is not condusive to a solid night's sleep.

Dream a Little Dream of Work

Occasionally, it's not the sleeping which is the problem, but the kind of sleep you have.

We've all been there.  You lie down, close your eyes, and spend the entire night dreaming that you're at your desk at work.  Doing work.

Then you wake up and go to work.  To do work.


Do they sound familiar?  Or have we missed one?  Let us know in the comments.

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