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19 situations you'll recognise if you're slightly addicted to online shopping
So many parcels you forget ordering.

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1. Putting wildly expensive garments in your Saved Items, because a girl can dream

2. All of your Saved Items being out of stock, just as you have the money to shop

3. Obsessively checking to see if they come back in stock

4. And the pure triumph of finally seeing them there, waiting for you, and pouncing

5. Filtering everything by ‘Price: Low to High’ and wondering if you’ll ever be a ‘High to Low’ person

6. Regretting the day you ever clicked yes to ‘Save this card number for future transactions?’

7. And being absolutely appalled at having to pay for shipping

8. Placing an order, then getting an email the next day to say there’s 20% off everything. Rrrrrrraaaaage

9. Feeling like your colleagues are judging you for the steady stream of parcels that come in to work after payday

10. Receiving a parcel you can’t remember ordering and wondering what could be inside

11. Finally ordering something you’ve been lusting over, dreaming about wearing it, ripping open the parcel and… laughing at yourself because it looks cat melodeon on you

12. But spending ages trying to make it work, because you’d do anything to not have to return stuff

13. Trying to piece back together the completely destroyed packaging with sellotape and hope in your heart

14. Then realising you’ve forgotten to put in the BLOODY RETURNS DOCKET. ARRRGHHH

15. Letting a parcel sit in the corner of your room for an age before you finally conjure up the energy to return it

16. Feeling like the staff of your local Post Office/Parcel Connect shop are judging you for the steady stream of returns parcels you bring in

17. Realising you’ve somehow convinced yourself that refunds are ‘free money’

18. Telling yourself that there will be no more trolling the New In section for at least another six months

19. But checking your Saved Items anyway. Just to see

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