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This is what happens when you can ask Snoop Lion whatever you want

It is hilarious and informative.

SNOOP LION MIGHT still be trying out his new moniker but there’s no doubting that the dry wit and wordplay of the man formerly known as Snoop Dogg is still intact.

Snoop took to Reddit earlier today for an Ask Me Anything (his second for the site) and scattered throughout were some gems.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Snoop taking control of asking questions

And then answering it himself:

2. Snoop’s excellent taste in cartoons

3. An excellent all caps answer

4. Potentially hiring new talent

5. A classic Yo Momma joke

6. Clever answer or deep response?

You decide:

7. An eclectic list of preferred animals

8. Obligatory weed references abound:

9. An upbeat response to a standard greeting

We’re nicking this to use whenever people talk to us:

10. The best baby names ever?

11. Solid life advice:

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