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14 memories that are too real for anyone who grew up with strict parents

“As long as you’re living under my roof…”

1. Some kids said “I’m going to…”. You said “Can I go to…”

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2. And you rehearsed this question several times before saying it out loud

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“There’s this party… No. There’s this get-together… Party? Get-together? WHICH ONE WILL THEY GO FOR?”

3. This was a pretty typical reaction to you asking to go out

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4. And there was also a string of questions that you needed to answer correctly were you to get anywhere

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These included:

  • Where is this house?
  • Do we know her parents?
  • Will they be there?
  • How are you getting there?

One hesitation and you were donezo.

5. Trying to drum up sympathy any way you can

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Although this didn’t always work.

But everyone is going to be there! They’ll be talking about it ALL NEXT WEEK!
If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

6. Having to tell your friends that it’s not happening for you

And they’re all…

catcollage Twitter / @ButWhyCat Twitter / @ButWhyCat / @ButWhyCat

…Then get over it extremely quickly because eh, they get to have fun anyway.

7. And if it does, praying that no one decides to change plans

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You’ll have to convince them all over again. It’s not worth it.

8. Being told to ‘ask again’ and thinking NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND


Why would I ask again? Do you want me to die???

9. Pretending you didn’t have any dealings with the opposite sex

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You’d never hear the end of it if they found out.

10. And getting loads of questions about who you ‘could be on the phone to for all those hours’

phonecord Blogspot Blogspot

It was ten minutes. And a friend. Jeez mam!

11. Going over to your friends houses and being let watch 18s movies

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And their parents didn’t mind at all. This free and easy life!

12. Your curfew was rigorously enforced

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A minute past your curfew and they practically have a search party combing the neighbourhood for you.

13. Talking back once, then paying for it forever

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It’s just not worth it.

14. And becoming a master of lies and deceit instead

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All you need is one friend they trust enough to let you go for a sleepover. *winks*

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