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7 smells that will remind you of a Sunday morning

What’s that I smell? Is it.. a fry?


They weren’t quite as good as Saturdays, with all the cartoons and cereal that went along with them, but they were pretty damn good.

Here’s your sweet childhood Sunday in scents. (Try saying THAT six times fast.)

A fry-up already going

You could smell it sizzling as you were tucked up cosy in bed. SUCCESS!

Source: Flickr/Ewan-M

The hair being washed for mass

Or perhaps being lightly singed by the ancient hairdryer.

Source: Flickr/familywrm

And accidentally getting toothpaste down your Sunday best

Minty fresh. At least until you hit the orange juice.

Source: Flickr/Roadsidepictures

And when you get back, the smell of a roast in the oven


Source: Flickr/Brother Magneto

The smell of victory as the Viennetta was produced

If you had the grandparents or special guest over only, of course.

Source: Flickr/penguincakes

The hot chocolate before bed

With a hot water bottle at this time of year, of course.

Source: Flickr/Jude Doyland

And finally…

The fear as you realise you’re an adult now and your clothes just smell of Saturday night shame…

Source: Flickr/Sarah Ross

Oh dear.

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