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The Dredge: Suri Cruise is launching a fashion line
Seriously. She’s seven. That and all the rest of the day’s filth.
7 celebrity kids who are cooler than you
These celeb kids are so cool they make their famous folks look like ordinary Joes. Watch out world!
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8 people Suri Cruise is extremely disappointed by
Long-running Tumblr Suri’s Burn Book is now, well, a book. We’ve rounded up the best of it…
The Dredge: Who said Ben Affleck has 'wonder sperm'?
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The Dredge: George Clooney is single again, or he isn't
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The Dredge: Tom Cruise says it's all lies about the toilets
We get our hands mucky with the best of the morning’s dirt.
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reach divorce settlement
The couple will take account of their “respective beliefs” in bringing up their daughter Suri.
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Scientology: A quick guide
The divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has put the religion back in the spotlight.
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Photos: Katie Holmes files for sole custody in divorce from Tom Cruise
The 33-year-old unexpectedly announced yesterday that she has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.
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The last of the big spenders - 7 indulgent buys
An airport, a paradise island and a gold phone: a few of the items rich folks could waste money on… and they have.
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Rocky, Yoda and Dame Edna...8 of the world's oddest statues
Arnold Schwarzenegger has commissioned three statues of himself but we wonder if these celebs would be happy with their bronzed selves.