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10 honest tips for choosing the best Tinder photo

It’s going down, we’re yelling TINDERRRR…

1. Firstly, choose a flattering but realistic picture of your face for your main photo

This is what it’s all about, after all.

Don’t filter it to death, don’t do too much posing – you may have to meet one of these people IRL soon, so be kind to yourself.

2. Try to avoid cutting people out of the frame

It doesn’t matter if you were feeling your look.

kimcrop Source: Instagram.com/kimkardashian

A bad crop only begs the question: whose eyebrow is that? Why did you cut the rest of them out? Is it because it was a good picture of you, but not of them, or something more sinister? Answer us!

3. Prove you have a few mates

The Trinity, Frostbyte, Slay-Z, and Lucky Fiori brought the Bad Blood video to life tonight at #1989TourEastRutherford. Wonder what's in store tomorrow night.. Source: taylorswift

At least one photo of you with a group of friends is always welcome. You’re a good time guy/gal! You can hang!

4. BUT make it clear which one you are

Posting six group photos with zero enlightenment as to which member of the gang you actually are will not endear you to anyone. Really.

5. Pets are nice

tumblr_myrwejy5vX1smszuco1_500 Source: Tumblr

But posing with your dog/kitten in your Tinder photo kind offeels like emotional blackmail. *shrugs*

6. And try to avoid that tiger cliché

Seriously. It’s been done – there’s a whole Tumblr dedicated to it.

What does the tiger say about you – that you’ve travelled? That you’re tough? Or that you paid 700 Thai baht for a picture with a drugged animal?

7. Don’t pose with a member of the opposite sex

@noahschweizer Source: mileycyrus

A LOT of Tinder users have a problem with this. They may be your best friend/cousin/sibling, but others don’t see it that way. Soz.

8. Keep your t-shirt on

tumblr_nfgswlB4st1tqtg0xo1_500 Source: Tumblr

This applies more to lads, who often seem to lose control of their clothing where Tinder pictures are concerned.

It might be a difficult concept to grasp, but very few girls are actually into this (this Reddit thread on the subject may enlighten you).

9. Consider the order of the photos

giphy_big Source: Abcdefghijklmn-pqrstuvwxyz

Tinder expert (yes, they exist) Rhyanna Taylor thinks the variety and order of your pictures is key.

“Your photos should include a selfie, a social situation, your hobbies and interests,” she tells the Huffington Post. Now for ye.

10. And finally, have a bit of fun with it

ohwzBM1 Source: Imgur

We’re 99% sure they won’t shut down your account if you’re smiling or acting goofy in a photo.

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