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Why being a tall person is the worst ever

You’re having a giraffe, mate.

TALL, DARK AND handsome – isn’t that what we all want?

Well, perhaps being tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As you might know, the average Irish woman is 5’4.5″, while the average Irish man is 5’10″.

Anything taller than that and you undoubtedly qualify as TALL, you big long drink of water. And with that label comes some of the worst things since you used to grow out of runners at a rate of knots.

You don’t always fit

No matter how you try.

Image: Imgur

Image: Imgur

People telling you you’re tall

Oh, REALLY? It hadn’t come to my attention. Really appreciate the heads up.

Image: 4theloveof

Constantly being asked to get things off high shelves

We’re not your freakishly tall servants, alright?

Image: Flickr/davidnikonvscanon

The tall jokes

“How’s the weather up there?” Well, actually, I’m not sure if it’s rain or just tears of frustration at hearing that joke AGAIN, thank you.

Image: Tumblr

Banging your head off doorframes

This is just embarrassing, to be frank.

Image: The Points Guy

Image: Etsy

You tend to get cut off in photos

Or else tower over your friends like a benevolent giant.

Image: Twitter/Tall Girl Problems

The backseat

And as for hatchbacks? Spare us.

Images: Motorsbros

Constantly being asked how tall you are

AND some people actually consider asking how tall you are a chat-up line. Really?

Image: Sodahead

Hunching over for kisses

No one told us as teenagers that kissing would eventually lead us to the chiropractor. Ouch. See also: awkward hugs.

Image: Imgur

Feeling despised at concerts

You can practically feel the waves of hatred bouncing off you. There’s a similar aura of loathing in cinemas, or pretty much any event where its crucial that people can see and your towering frame blocks out all the natural sunlight.

Image: Joy Reactor

Being pigeon-holed

People will generally assume that if you’re tall, you must be great at basketball. Similarly, people always presume you’re a central defender due to your assumed heading abilities.

Clothes nightmares

For women, this means the dilemma of whether or not heels are acceptable. (They totally are, by the way.) Whereas for men, this means trying to find things that don’t fit like belly tops and trousers that don’t skim your knees.

Image: Jersey Girl On Strike

Who knew that growing up big and strong would be the bane of your life? Share your tall pain in the comments.

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