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# The Avengers

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# Irish Avengers
What would the Avengers be like if they were Irish?
Captain County and Scarleh Witch would be some excellent additions.
# The Avengers
The star of one of the sixties' most famous TV shows has died
Patrick Macnee, who played secret agent John Steed, has died aged 93.
# avenged
Explainer: What exactly is going on with Joss Whedon?
The Avengers director quit Twitter on Monday.
# beggora
What's with that Irish accent in the new Avengers movie?
Well, that was unexpected.
# Foot in Mouth
These Avengers stars are in trouble for calling female character a 'slut' and a 'whore'
This press tour is going from bad to worse.
# so much cringe
Robert Downey Jnr just walked out of this super awkward news interview
Pulling all the cringe muscles over here.
# again again
Tiny boy demands to watch film trailer again and again and again
# dammit hyrda
Marvel forced to release new Avengers trailer early after late-night leak
We we we, so excited.
# comic con 2014
9 of the most important things we learned from Comic Con 2014
From the Avengers, to Game of Thrones, to the new Mad Max.
# su-purr-hero
Here's what The Avengers would look like if they were cats
We still wouldn’t cross the hulk.
# Wikipedia
The 10 most-read Wikipedia entries of 2012
A social media site was the topic most people wanted to look up. But which one was it?
# top movies
The 15 Highest-grossing films of 2012... worldwide
Here’s what the globe was watching.
# Disney
Disney profits surge with a little help from The Avengers
Studio successes and theme park rejuvenation see Disney profits surge to $414 million.
# hulky
Artist imagines Incredible Hulk's anatomy
If you have ever wondered what the real-life anatomy of the Incredible Hulk would be like, wonder no more. Someone has drawn it.
# Prime Numbers
Movies, MPs and Angry Birds: the week in statistics
Plus: How long it takes to ruin a two-hour debate, and the number of people who’d rather pick a convict than Obama.
# Movies
The Avengers smashes US box office record
Superhero escapism is still big.
# Twittersphere
Alright Eliota! It's the sporting tweets of the week
Gary Neville calls for a certain newspaper to go out of circulation, Brian O’Driscoll gives his verdict on The Avengers and Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu runs for cover.
# a marvel
The Avengers smashes overseas box office
Ahead of US opening the new comic book action hero movie pulls in the numbers.
# Marvel Comics
Judge rules that Spider-man and co. belong to Marvel Comics
The heirs of artist Jack Kirby had attempted to terminate Marvel’s copyrights over several characters, including Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.