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The death of the Harlem Shake in 9 videos

It’s all getting a bit old now BUT there is a walrus.

SO LAST WEEK we loved the Harlem Shake and after the weekend we are kind of sick of it.

That’s how the fast paced world of sharing videos goes folks.

Y’know how they say something is over when even your granny knows about it? (see the phrase “bling-bling”)

Well they’re all over the Harlem Shake it would seem:

Hank Rao / YouTube

Of course it didn’t take long for the students to get in on the act. They’re driving the whole thing we reckon.

Don’t you have essays to write and Jeremy Kyle repeats to watch? Jaysus.

Here are some students from Toronto taking over the city with their Harlem Shake. Tone it down lads.

416ViralProductions / YouTube

And of course plenty of Irish people are trying their hand at it.

The Dublin bus one is particularly silly. Imagine sitting in the back of bus by mistake when this lot arrived. Scary.

Conor McCartney / YouTube

Speaking of Ireland, Jedward tried to get in on the act but we’re not quite sure it worked. Where is the all important editing?

JedwardTV / Youtube

And it seems even in London, where they’re all busy with Fashion Week they can still find time to do one.

Here are some very cool fashion model ladies (including current Vogue cover girl Cara Delevingne) attempting the Harlem Shake.

Again there’s not really an edit here guys, sorry to be a total buzzkill.

TopShopPodcasts / YouTube

Aside from reckless students and celebrities with a loose grasp of editing there are other Harlem Shake videos that so outdo everything else we’ve seen so far that we think the whole thing might have peaked.

First of all God is in on it.

Yes. GOD.

theallmightygodful / YouTube

Here are some rather unimpressive zombies trying it:

WhiteBoy7thst / YouTube

OK we’re hitting our boiling point now.

This YouTuber has done an aggressive take on the Harlem Shake that sums up our feelings towards it.

The Sonic Screw / YouTube

This one is the real winner though.

It’s totally hilarious and we’ve decided this should be the last Harlem Shake video ever so it all ends on a high.

We have one word: walrus.

saseaworld / YouTube

Let’s just agree to leave it there shall we? We’re looking at you Jedward.

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