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The story of your Easter chocolate binge in pictures
So. Much. Chocolate.

IT’S EASTER TIME! That means one thing: chocolate.

We’re aware there are religious reasons to celebrate Easter but whatever your stance it’s hard to argue with the joys of eating a pile of chocolate.

Of course the excuse to indulge in some tasty, sugary, choclate-y goodness is rarely needed but Easter is when you go overboard.

Let’s take you through your Easter chocolate binge with some helpful images.

First of all you’re really excited…


You decide to gather up all your Easter eggs

Warren A Stone/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

You start to feel nervous. Will you be able to eat all the chocolate you’d like to?

Nothing Special /Tumblr

Then you calm down and remember that:

eatloveandblog / Tumblr

The moment is here, you decide to start munching on some chocolate.

You look at all the food you have laid out, ready to be devoured:

Suzan Moore/EMPICS Entertainment

You start eating:

Peter Jordan/PA Archive/Press Association Images

This is all going so well! You are eating all the chocolate and you feel…

top-model/ Tumblr

Your friends ring you and they ask what you’re doing, you say:

RealityTVGifs / Tumblr

Soon enough though, there’s too much chocolate and you’re starting to look a bit sloppy

Cathal McNaughton/PA Archive/Press Association Images

There’s so much sugary goodness left and you already feel full. A voice in your head says:

t0p-model / Tumblr

and you admit to yourself that:

Gifs&Such / Tumblr

You’ve finally gotten through your chocolate mountain and this is how you feel:

Gifs&Such / Tumblr

You feel physically ill and like you never want to eat chocolate again:

RealityTVGifs / Tumblr

In fact, now that you’ve eaten all that food all you wanna do is sleep:

Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

You take yourself to bed, knowing you’ve done good that day.

The next day you wake up and your main feeling is:

oerba-yun-fang-crystal /Tumblr

You’ve had it with any and all chocolate and are starting a health kick:

RealityTVGifs / Tumblr

Then you try to go jogging with friends and this is how you feel:

via Imgur

You realise that you can no longer eat any chocolate because you are a mess:

BritneySpearsGifs / Tumblr

Then you realise you have some chocolate that you missed yesterday:

Paul Faith/PA Archive/Press Association Images

You figure it’s better to eat it then throw it out:

Fiona Hanson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

And the cycle begins all over again:

Julien Behal/PA Archive/Press Association Images

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