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11 things all hairy girls know to be true

Frida Kahlo brow ON FLEEK.

MODERN BEAUTY standards dictate that a woman must be completely hairless (apart from the hair on her head, obvs) if she is to be considered attractive.

But what if your hair doesn’t exactly want to play ball? And what if you don’t want to, either? Here are 11 things all girls with thick, dark body hair know to be true.

You were teased for your eyebrows as a kid

tumblr_n0zrttz70Q1s67erqo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Little did the other kids know that years later they’d be running to have their HD brows done to keep up with the big brow trend. *cackles*

Jolen is your must-have beauty product

61EyUkEJlDL._SL1105_ Source: Amazon

And you’ve been caught sporting a Jolen ronnie more than a few times. Oops.

Your arms are hairier than some of your male friends’ arms

bossypants Source: Wordpress

Whatever, you’re cute.

And your moustache is much grander than theirs, too

annehathaway Source: YouTube

Still cute.

You have at least one witchy chin hair that you need to pluck monthly

You’ve named her Bridie. She’s pretty sassy.

Knuckle hair? Toe hair? They’re all there!

7064d0ec44a40502ea2b1c39f30214f9 Source: Pinterest

There’s a bit of Hobbit in your ancestry. There has to be.

Your underarms have a permanent five o’clock shadow

11192945_905576439464911_1152463163_n-500x500 Source: Instagram/@mileycyrus

“Thou shalt shave in the morning, but after 5pm, thine arms must ne’er be lifted past thinehead” – ancient proverb

Your bikini line is more like bikini shorts

tumblr_m7yf6tmogf1qcq7id Source: Wordpress


Autumn and winter are the most wonderful times of the year

tumblr_lwr2ggOs0i1qck9ryo1_1280 Source: Tumblr


You’ve tried every hair-removal trick in the book

tumblr_lmlvzxTCBU1qg2x6vo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Bleaching. Laser surgery. Veet. Shaving. Reiki. Everything.

Nothing can hold back the tide.

But at the end of the day, you’re cool with it all

giphy Source: Giphy

Sure, you have thick, dark hair all over your body, but most importantly, it’s thick and full on your head, too. Eat it, hair-haters.

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