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8 things everybody thinks they're better than everyone else at

But they aren’t really. Sorry.

STAND BACK EVERYONE. The expert is here. You got this. Or do you?

Making an Excel spreadsheet/table

You’re a dab hand at Excel. You took a COURSE in Excel.

Minutes later, you’re staring at the screen, sweating.

excelsheet Source: Computer Programming For Beginners


You’ve been developing an interest in photography over the last few months, and you think you might actually have a talent.

boston-terrier-instagram-filters Source: Bostonterriersrock

Well, you’ve been putting filters on things in Instagram. Very good at that you are, yeah.

Cooking a steak

Oh yeah, I can cook a great steak.

cookingsteak Source: Flickr/suzie deeming

But not without panicking several times, drowning it in oil, and finally sawing the thing in half to see if it’s done anywhere near the way you like it.

Handling drink

Bag of cans? Naggins? Bottles of wine? Psssh. They’re nothing.

…Until it’s 1am and you’re crying, hurling bits of kebab at the people you love.



As far as you’re concerned, you’re the best shift in the world, no question. But there’s no way of ever knowing for sure.

Husky-OnePupBitesOtherPupOnNose Source: PhotoBucket

What if everyone we’ve ever kissed secretly thought it was like being mouth to mouth with a washing machine? A chilling thought.

tumblr_lyfv2mfNEz1qc8jh0o1_400 Source: Tumblr

Being funny

Everyone thinks no one else can tell a joke like they can. World’s best comedian? Pah! Average, compared to ME.

And if nobody laughs, it’s not your fault. They have no sense of humour.

0482d964b3cba8eb803c2fa3b40d9a6e Source: Pinterest

Getting a tan

I tan very well. Yeah, couple of minutes in the sun and I’m already getting a colour. Well, I do get burned, but it turns to tan!

sunburn An example of a 'colour' Source: FeckTV



Everyone else is wrong. You are right. End of story.

Even if you’re doing this:

giphy1 Source: Gurl

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