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10 things adults think teenagers should know about the 'real world'

Tip No.1: It’ll all #BeGrand.

WITH THE FIRST day of the Leaving Cert over and done with (WELL DONE YOU GUYS), the teenagers of Ireland are almost definitely preoccupied with thoughts about The Future.

What will it hold? What will I do? Do I have to buy my own cornflakes? (The answer to this one is yes.)

The adults of Reddit were asked to give today’s teenagers some tips on living in the ‘real world’ – what they had to say may seem ridiculously simple, but few can deny the truth in their words.


moneycosts Source: Flickr/Dennis Skley

It’s just a fact.


toiletpaper Source: Imgur

Another Redditor adds, rather crucially:

I think, more importantly, you have to PAY for toilet paper. You actually have to go to the store and buy it. It doesn’t just magically show up.


betterthanyou Source: Flickr/Meg Stewart

And that’s OK.


willywonka Source: Elfilm.com

The woes of an adult metabolism.


Imagine your most boring class. The class with the most pointless busy work. The class with the teacher who makes you want to stab a pencil through your eye.



nothingatall Source: Flickr/Fred Rockwood


lazyness Source: Imgur


livingwith Source: Flickr/AjDele Photography


wingingit Source: Imgur

There is no magic formula (despite what some people say) to a good life. Imagine that.


Wear sunscreen. Really.

Source: steffyweffy777/YouTube

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