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11 things you probably keep in the fridge that you really shouldn't

Monsters. You monsters.

THESE ARE NOT up for debate. Especially the ketchup.

So we’ll start with that.

1. Ketchup

Forget any arguments here. Ketchup does not belong in the fridge. It’s perfectly fine in the cupboard along with every other condiment in the history of time. Except maybe mayo, we’re not animals.

Heinz Ketchup Source: JeepersMedia

2. Coffee

Some people may tell you to put coffee in the fridge to keep it fresh, but those people are wrong and sabotaging. Coffee will absorb whatever is around it, including those smelly veg.

Paradise.. ;-) Source: Sander van der Wel

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes lose a lot of flavour when stored in the fridge, as it stalls the ripening process which makes them so juicy. Membranes are also broken down by the cold, giving the fruit a mealy texture. Ming.

home-grown tomatoes Source: pj_vanf

4. Honey

This will stay good until the end of time, but putting it in the fridge can cause it to crystalise and no one wants that on their porridge in the morning.

Honey Source: Siona Karen

5. Avocado

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated with how slow your avocados are ripening, you’re both extremely middle class, and storing them wrongly, in the fridge. The same goes for a banana. The exception, is if they’re already ripe.

avocado Source: ollesvensson

6. Bread

Get off the stage. We’re not talking about freezing bread either, putting it in the actual fridge. This can cause the bread to get super tough and chewy. Don’t do it.

Fridge 2 Source: Secret Pilgrim

7. Basil

Fresh herbs taste better than dried ones, but like coffee, they absorb everything around them. You’re better off wrapping them up tightly and away from all bad smells, this will also avoid them going dry and flavourless prematurely.

Basil Source: zoyachubby

8. Butter?

OK this one is up for debate. Actual real, real butter belongs in a butter dish. Unorthodox, yes, but how many times have you attempted to spread ice cold butter before chucking your entire kitchen out the window? The AFDA says it’s OK, and you won’t get any nasty disease once you eat it quickly enough.

aaaaa-2 Source: Thejournal

9. Onions

Put them in a vegetable pantry. When these are stored in the fridge, they can become mushy and the layers can dry out if cut. Besides all of this, just think of the smell.

Onions Source: Svadilfari

10. Garlic

It will stink up the place, go mouldy quicker, and grow sprouts you won’t know what to do with. Avoid.

Garlic Source: Robert Benner Sr.

11. Eggs

Do they store eggs in the fridges in supermarkets? No, they don’t. There’s a debate on this one, but most studies agree that room temperature is best.

Damn misleading egg shelves.

Eggs so Fresh Source: Jack Brodus

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