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# underwater or not
Nobody can decide what the hell is going on in this picture
Remember The Dress? This might be even more confusing.

REMEMBER THE DRESS that drove the internet insane earlier this year? Well, now it has a competitor for most confusing/confounding photo of 2015.

Just look at this girl in a swimming pool. Is she deep underwater or is she just jumping in?

swimmingpoolgirl Imgur Imgur

Well, nobody can tell. And it’s been viewed over 2 million times on Imgur, so it’s safe to say nobody knows.

The comments underneath can’t decide what’s going on:

it just looks like she’s jumping in water to me?

To which a reply says:

I’m sorry to break it to you, but seeing it the way you do means you lack a soul.

And one other commenter on Reddit simply states:

I see black and gold.

Noooo. It’s back.

What do you think? Is she jumping into the water or already in there? 

Poll Results:

Just jumping in (4007)
Already fully under water (466)

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