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Stressed Trinity students studying for their exams can now get "canine therapy"

That’s exactly what you think it means.

EXAMS SUCK, RIGHT? But what about exams with PUPPIES?

The stressed students of Trinity College Dublin, who are currently in the throes of a busy exam period, are being rewarded for their hard work with some canine therapy.

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The former SU bookshop is to be turned into a de-stressing puppy room next Thursday, for one day only.

Peata Ireland will be on campus with a host of furry companions to pet and cuddle for pre-exam relaxation purposes.

Students will be allowed to spend about 10-15 minutes in the room with the puppies in return for a small donation to Peata.

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Sadly, the event is open to Trinity students only, meaning non-students shouldn’t even think about going in and petting all the wonderful puppies. Don’t do it. (Or just don’t get caught.)

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Naturally, everyone is VERY excited about this:

We’d like to remind students that the puppy will not actually do your exams for you. But this might help with the stress of studying, just a little bit.

Lost baby bear wanders into garage looking for his mam>

Puppies learn basic life skills for the first time, adorable failing ensues>

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