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9 questions all Irish women in their twenties desperately need an answer to

*slams fist on the table* We MUST find out.

YOU MIGHT THINK young Irish women have it all worked out, but they really don’t. No.

They have lots of questions. Questions that demand answers immediately.

1. Why does €40 automatically fly out of my wallet whenever I walk through Penneys?

penneys2 Source: Flickr/miguev-maps

“No, I have no idea what happened. One minute I was just walking through Penneys, and when I came to I was at home with new jammies, five pairs of knickers and three scented candles.”

2. How come my cheap bra wants to murder me?

underwire Source: EverythingFunny.org

When Underwire Won’t Stay Underwired: The Horrifying True Story.

3. Where do lads even FIND these shoes?

pisscatcher Source: Bata.in

Please tell us. So that we can destroy every single one of them.

4. Why do I always end up in Coppers* on a night out?

coppers Source: Photocall Ireland

*Replace with the dodgy/ultimately disappointing nightclub of your choosing.

5. How do I get Amy Huberman/Laura Whitmore’s life?

2015 TRIC Awards - London Source: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Not their exact life, like. Just something similar – great career, nice clothes, good hair etc? Let us know. Cheers.

6. Why does fake tan smell like biscuits?

scar-630x423 Trying to solve the mystery with a sniff. Source: Twitter/@PearceRa

Even girls who don’t wear it are acutely aware of the odour, which is somewhere between oddly delicious and completely repulsive.

7. Has anyone ever actually been successful on Tinder?

If only we didn’t love swiping left so much.

8. Who decided that the packaging of tampons and pads should be so LOUD, and can I have a word with them?

tamponwrapper Source: Wikimedia

9. When did I start caring about curtain fabrics and storage space?


All of a sudden, you want to live somewhere nice, without like, peeling leather furniture and damp on the walls. Weird.

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