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This American girl sent a Valentine's text to every random Irish guy she met when here

Two summer’s worth of unknown numbers.

VALENTINE’S DAY IS perfect for some nostalgic chat about former flames.

So, when American girl Victoria got chatting last night to a friend, she remembered the last couple of summers she spent in Dublin – and all the random numbers from Irish lads she had saved in her phone.

So she decided the best thing to do was to text all 17 of them a nice Valentine’s message to see what happens

niall1 Source: blogonfleek

The first to respond was Niall, above, as she documented the experiment on her blog:

I was incredibly surprised he remembered me. It’s been 7 months! He was actually a nice guy and his responses were tame enough so I left the conversation there because moments later I got a text from a contact saved in my phone as “Penguin Erector”

Yes, as Victoria tells DailyEdge.ie, the man with the codename Penguin Erector was the reason the whole plan started last night:

My friend Clare and I were reminiscing on some great nights out. She reminded me of the guy called the penguin erector. We joked about texting him and she just said do it. So I did and decided to text all the numbers

And Penguin was the next to get back to her out of all 17 lads

penguin Source: BlogOnFleek

As she says, he had an interesting job when she met him in Flannery’s, hence the name:

this guy told me he worked the penguin exhibit at the Dublin Zoo. He claimed his job title was Penguin Erector which, according to him, meant he had the duty of picking up the penguins and placing them upright if they fell over.

Their exchange took a turn for the surreal very quickly

penguin2 Source: blogonfleek

“Add me on LinkedIn? Xx”

Oh, Penguin.

But, why only Irish guys? She tells DailyEdge.ie:

They were Irish guys because all my American contacts have mutual friends. And that’s dangerous territory! I wanted it to be completely random and unexpected.

Next up was Ryan, who thought it was his mate taking the piss

ry1 Source: blogonfleek

But it was a case of mortifying mistaken identity for Ryan

ry2 Source: blogonfleek

Once he tagged who it was, he had quite the sign off

ry31 Source: blogonfleek

And finally, Isaac responded, and seemed to remember the night very clearly

isaac Source: blogonfleek

Before ending the exchange with this killer line

ib21 Source: blogonfleek

Victoria finished her post with the stats of her little experiment:

Out of the 17 Valentine’s Day messages I sent out, I only got these four conversations in return. But these four conversations exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Man, I miss Ireland.

You’re welcome back any time, Victoria – for the gas texts alone.

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