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12 telltale signs that you're an incorrigible hoarder

Listening to ABBA’s Gimme Gimme Gimme on repeat is number 13.

WE ALL HAVE things that we can’t bear to part with, be it a cuddly toy we were given at birth or a favourite pair of shoes we’ve worn to pieces.

There’s nothing wrong with holding on to things that are of sentimental value, but what if you start getting attached to EVERYTHING you own? How do you know that you’re not developing a bit of a problem?

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We here at DailyEdge.ie most definitely feel your pain, so we’ve put together this list of worrying signs that you’re becoming a bit of a hoarder.

1. Your wardrobe is more of a floordrobe.

It’s so full that you have to keep new all your new clothes in bags on the floor now.

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And you regularly come across items you completely forgot about with the tags still attached. Which you bought last year and NEVER wore

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy more shiny new things every time you’re out though.

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2. Furniture is slowly disappearing beneath the rising tide.

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3. Filling these bags is basically your Mission Impossible.

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Things get off to a solid start as you start pulling items out of the wardrobe left right and centre. You can do this. You know you can.

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Then you actually attempt to put those items into the bag and can’t help but think of ways in which they might actually be useful.

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Before struggling to squeeze all but two or three of the items back in.

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And when that next special occasion rolls around?

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4. You’ll use every excuse under the sun to hold on to worn out shoes.

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In reality, they’ll sit in the back of your wardrobe gathering dust, never to be worn again.

You’ll just buy new ones – sure one more pair can’t hurt, right?

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5. And clothes.

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Because you really need to hold on to them y’know.

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6. Teddy bears can never be disposed of. EVER.

Even if your other half has to move them to make room for themselves in the bed.

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The same can also be said for action figures.

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7. Several stacks of Leaving Cert notes lie hidden somewhere in your bedroom.

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8. Along with all those old magazines you just can’t bear to part with.

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9. Not to mention that large pile of new notebooks that you just keep adding to all the time.

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10. Or all those vintage LPs you never ever listen to.

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11. You never delete voice or text messages from your phone because the world would probably end if you did.

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Plus, your email inbox looks something like this.

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12. And going to bed at night is next to impossible, because you can’t actually find it.

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