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14 of the oddest calendars of 2013

Haven’t chosen your calendar for next year yet? These should help…

IF YOU STILL haven’t gotten around to getting your 2013 calendar yet, then quite frankly it’s time to get a move on. Fortunately, we’ve trawled through the mountains of calendars published recently and whittled them down to a core shortlist… of the weirdest and most cringe-inducing.

For your delectation, here are the strangest 2013 calendars out there:

14 of the oddest calendars of 2013
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  • Meerkats on the edge

    Is it weird that the question that sprang immediately to mind with this calendar was 'why is the meerkat wearing boots but no helmet?' (Calendar by Icaras/Maverick)
  • Insult-a-day

    It's the gift that keeps on giving: why not treat your loved one to a year filled with daily insults? (Calendar by AndrewsMcMeel.com)
  • Oh Simon...

    We can't help but think Simon Cowell could have shown just a *little* more versatility in his poses for this one. (Calendar by Red Star)
  • 1D

    One Direction defying their band name in their 2013 calendar. Thinking outside the box, lads. (Calendar by browntrout.com)
  • Bad cat

    Clearly this is the calendar you need in your life if you're prone to forgetting that cats are actually bad. (Calendar by Workman.com)
  • Ferrets on tour

    This calendar depicts zanily-clad ferrets in a range of international settings. Genius, and totally realistic. (Calendar by zebrapublishing.com)
  • Good to know?

    There seems to be *kind* of a practical element to this one... we're just not quite sure what that is. (Calendar by teNeues.com)
  • Goats... in Trees

    From the Goats in Trees 2013 calendar, it's, well, it's a goat in a tree. Obviously. (Calendar by browntrout.com)
  • Moshi!

    Here's the calendar to turn to when you need a break from reality at any point during 2013. (Image via Amazon.co.uk)
  • Just... cringe

    Tom Daley, the British Olympic diver. That's probably why he's soaking wet and tearing his shirt off on the cover of his calendar, right? (Calendar by Danilo.com)
  • Funky chicks

    Well, who would want a calendar filled with plain old ordinary chickens? (Cover image via Amazon.co.uk)
  • Our Daniel

    Daniel O'Donnell, a true pro at the aul calendars, shakes things up for 2013 with a lovely stripey shirt. (Cover image via Amazon.co.uk)
  • Mind your tactics

    The aptly-named tacgirls.com brings you this gem. (Calendar and image by tacgirls.com)
  • Olym-pigs

    That's a nice synchronised tuck there from team guinea pig... (Calendar by Icarus/Maverick)

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