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7 weird things that happened this week

An election won on a coin toss, crashing cows and middle fingers – the bizarre news stories you might have missed.

SOME ARE BORN MAD, some achieve madness, and some have madness thrust upon them.

Or so they say. If you haven’t had any madness thrust upon you this week, never fear, that’s all about to change. DailyEdge.ie has gone through the week’s bizarre happenings with a fine-tooth comb to give you the ultimate in odd news. 

The Denver Post is seeking a “marijuana editor”. The state of Colorado recently legalised the use of recreational marijuana for adults, and now apparently its paper of record want to tell them all about it. Hope they weed out the bad applicants. No need to take pot shots at this job opportunity. Titter. (Yahoo News)

A Brazilian model is auctioning her virginity for the second time. Catarina Migliorini was offered $780,000 from a Japanese millionaire for the honour, but apparently the deal was never consummated so she’s having another bash at it. For anyone curious, she’s said the minimum bid is $100,000. Bargain, no? (Huffington Post)

Source: All Posters

Archaeologists have been digging for Stonehenge rocks in the wrong place – for 90 years. That’s right, the geologists have been barking up the wrong tree for the bluestones for almost an entire century. It seems the stones originated a mile away from where was originally thought. This is Ming the mollusc all over again. (Mirror)

A city in Idaho have elected their mayor on the basis of a coin toss. Albion had a turn-out of 120 voters, split straight down the middle between the two candidates. According to Idaho law, in this eventuality, the final decision is made by tossing a coin – and that’s how Don Bowden won his third term as mayor. Who knows? Maybe Ireland should try flipping a coin next time. Tails, they win, heads, we lose. (KMTV)

Source: Twitter/@LukeHarding1994

A university student woke up in Paris after a night out in Manchester. Luke Harding left Tokyo’s nightclub in Manchester, took a taxi to the airport, and bought a flight to the French capital on his phone. Imagine the hangover. The Fear wouldn’t be within it. (DailyEdge.ie)

A man in Michigan has purchased a property beside his ex-wife and proceeded to erect a giant middle finger statue on it. Alan Markovitz reportedly did this to enact revenge on his ex-wife’s new lover, who he says had an affair with his wife during their marriage. The statue includes a spotlight to keep it visible at all times. Markovitz also owns three strip clubs in the area. What a guy. (FOX Detroit)

Source: Doblelol

A Cornish woman narrowly escaped injury when two cows crashed through her workshop ceiling. The woman in question, Sue Marshall, works as a weaver but luckily the animals also missed her trusty loom. The cows appear to have fallen from a field through a faulty boundary fence adjacent to Sue’s workshop. Fortunately, neither of the cows were injured in the accident. Otherwise this wouldn’t be a-moo-sing at all. (Sorry.) (Mirror)

Duelling dinosaurs, stapled testicles and rivers of caramel – it’s all the other weird news>

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