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6 weird things that happened this week

Scientists are THIS CLOSE to cloning a woolly mammoth – it’s all the bizarre news stories you need to know about.

HARUKI MURAKAMI ONCE said that “taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.” 

Well, we have to say that does not agree with Mr Murakami. Crazy things are a serious business on the internet, and we’re here today to deliver to you the finest nuggets of mad news, served in bite-sized pieces, delicious and hot. 

Dig in – but please use a napkin. 

Scientists at North-Eastern Federal University have claimed they are close to cloning a woolly mammoth. The best preserved mammoth, which has been extinct for 4000 years, ever found came to light in eastern Siberia last year. The tissue was as well preserved as “a human buried for six months” despite being 43,000 years ago. This means they have blood vessels with strong walls, haemolysed blood, erythrocytes, and well-preserved muscle and fat tissue. Blah blah science talk,  but basically we’re like a decade off MONSTERS! (

A Tesco in Lancashire refused to sell a teaspoon to a 16-year-old boy, claiming he was too young to purchase it. Liam Whelan, of Haslingden, visited the supermarket to grab some spoons and was told he was “too young” and that he needed to be over 18. Tesco apologised for the gaffe, but will they apologise for all the cups of tea left unstirred in the Whelan household that day? Think on. (Rossendale Free Press)

A man in New Jersey returned a lost wallet – containing $4,800. Postman Marcario “Mark” Panuil found the money in crisp $100 bills on the path while he was delivering his rounds. It turns out that the money belonged to Reverend Rudolph Daniels Snr, a retired pastor, who had picked up the large sum to give to his children as belated Christmas gifts. He was on his way to do volunteer work when he lost the money, proving himself to be an all-round good egg. You know what we call this kids? Karma. KARMA! (

A pub in New Zealand is offering free beer in exchange for dead rats. The philanthropist, er of sorts, Gareth Morgan is targeting Wellington’s vermin problem. A $7 drink voucher is redeemable for every dead rat, with traps also being supplied. The scheme is targeted at university students because, seriously? Who else is that hard up for a drink? Literally no one. (

Beer Trap Beer Trap

A woman named Amelia Earhart is going to fly around the world. Yep. A woman who shares the famous pilot’s name is gonna go around the world. I could tell you more about this, but the crux of it is just that, you know? The same name thing. You don’t really need to know any more. (Yahoo! Odd News)

Hampshire police have released a list of the weirdest excuses motorists have given for not wearing their seatbelt. One driver claimed he “didn’t want to ruin his tan”. Another elderly woman said she hadn’t worn one when she passed her text in 1960, so “why should she start now?” All jokes aside, do belt up this long weekend.  (Mirror)

Hey you! Yes, you. You! Spotted any bizarre news in your local area? Let us know on pretty please with a cherry on top. Share the wealth! Ah, go on! 

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