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11 people who are questioning Johnny Depp's choices ahead of Mortdecai

Who the HELL is Mortdecai?

JOHNNY DEPP’S NEW film, Mortdecai, has left a lot of people scratching their heads.

A lot has been said about the marketing, which seems to assume you know anything about Mortdecai at all.

Tweet by @Charlie Mortdecai Source: Charlie Mortdecai/Twitter

“Johnny Depp is Mortdecai.” Great?

Then there was that dodgy promoted tweet, which featured a picture of Depp grabbing his co-star Olivia Munn’s boob:


In fact, very little is known about Mortdecai, other than it is based on a series of cult 1970s graphic novels about a mustachioed art dealer – this is all the Wikipedia page provides in terms of plot:

Juggling some angry Russians, the British MI5, his leggy wife and an international terrorist, debonair art dealer and part time lover Charlie Mortdecai must traverse the globe, armed only with his good looks and “special charm” in a race to recover a stolen painting containing the code to a lost bank account.


Basically, everyone is wondering just what has happened to the once-reliable Johnny Depp.

Tweet by @Matt Graupman Source: Matt Graupman/Twitter

Tweet by @Adam Richter Source: Adam Richter/Twitter

Tweet by @Ron Arsenault Source: Ron Arsenault/Twitter

Many people are taking it as a sign that he has completed his transformation into Mike Myers:

Tweet by @ben acker Source: ben acker/Twitter

Tweet by @Spencer Somers Source: Spencer Somers/Twitter

Others are demanding a ban on Depp taking any more roles that could be classified as ‘quirky’:

Tweet by @Julie Van Huizen Source: Julie Van Huizen/Twitter

Tweet by @MacBearPig Source: MacBearPig/Twitter

Tweet by @Hello Tailor Source: Hello Tailor/Twitter

Tweet by @Danforth France Source: Danforth France/Twitter

And some just feel sorry for him:


Tweet by @Mara Wilson Source: Mara Wilson/Twitter

Oh, Johnny, there’s still time. Turn away from Tim Burton, the ‘quirky’ roles and the moustache and come back to us. We’ll be waiting.

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