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# break that fast
What does your breakfast say about you?
The best meal of the day. No question.

BREAKFAST. THE BEST meal of the day, without question.

Where else can you sample both the savoury and the sweet at the same time, indulge in multiple slices of bread, and eat a variety of different, delicious meats? It’s a no brainer.

We all have that one favourite breakfast that we treasure above all others. Here’s what yours says about you.


Let’s just face facts: cornflakes are bland. They speak of tradition, frugality, and disappointment. No amount of sugar will ever make up for this.

3712862040_69c5e51b61_b Flickr / Peter Flickr / Peter / Peter

Change? You’d rather just stay here, eating cornflakes.

Coco Pops/any other chocolate cereal


Inner child? You aren’t exactly hiding the fact that you still feel very young at heart.

Sometimes you think it might be time to grow up…but then you just eat more Coco Pops.

Coffee and a cigarette

429514790_20409eb9de_o Flickr / nicwest Flickr / nicwest / nicwest

Well, aren’t you too cool for school.

We can hear your tummy growling. You can’t fool us.


10524894713_effcbcc5b2_k Flickr / Alper Flickr / Alper / Alper

Eggs are fun, adaptable, and always welcome at the breakfast table.

Everyone likes eggs. Everyone likes you.


Warm, comforting, traditional – and that’s not just the porridge. That’s YOU.

3294687099_f49fba48e7_b Flickr / Flickr / /

Like porridge, to many you are a big warm hug on a cold day. Treasure that.


2219912723_60ff10f59b_b Flickr / cyclonebill Flickr / cyclonebill / cyclonebill

Sadness in a bowl. U OK hun?


Light and fluffy, just a little bit frivolous – pancakes are a fun breakfast for a fun person.

5092814379_dc34f1aaf5_b Flickr / Caterina Guidoni Flickr / Caterina Guidoni / Caterina Guidoni

You’re tasty and delicious at first, but eventually people just get full up and need a break from you. Sorry about that.

Overnight oats with chia seeds and berries

5910258341_bdb64c9419_b Flickr / Miriam Flickr / Miriam / Miriam

Your body is a temple and nothing fatty, processed, or non-organic will pass your lips.

You’ll probably Instagram it with the hashtag ‘#cleaneats’ before you eat it, won’t you.

Fresh pastries from the local bakery

N-O-T-I-O-N-S. But we have to admire your taste for the finer things in life.

94027311_6de66514e9_b Flickr / Laura Flickr / Laura / Laura

You’d like to think you’re down to earth, but you’d probably cry if your Nespresso machine broke. Be real.

Breakfast roll

5221229015_15ea0ede58_b Flickr / LWYang Flickr / LWYang / LWYang

Are you hungover? It seems like you’re hungover.

No? Then you just throw the rulebook right out the window, don’t you. In breakfast, AND in life.

Full Irish breakfast

Some might say you’re greedy, but you think you should have your cake and you’ll eat it too. And why not?

3349522668_b5e28ed963_b Flickr / Bob Usher Flickr / Bob Usher / Bob Usher

No nonsense, nothing delicate, just good old fashioned grub.

No breakfast

You’re mysterious, and no one knows quite what to make of you.

14385859275_61c70717aa_k Flickr / Megg Flickr / Megg / Megg

How can you get by on no food until lunch? How do you not crave bacon? So many questions. So few answers.

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