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Red, white, or rosé? Here's the wine that'll give you the worst hangover

Plan accordingly.

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WINE HANGOVERS. They’re the worst, aren’t they?

One minute you’re having the time of your life, the next, you’re hunched in the foetal position, munching Panadol and moaning. We know.

We’d like to minimise this in any way possible, so today we’re asking which wine gives the worst hangover – red, white, or rosé?

Tell it to me straight. Which one is it?

They’ll all give you equally bad hangovers if you drink enough, and alcohol affects everyone differently – but judging by the evidence, it’s red wine.

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Though the ‘white wine hangover’ (caused by naturally-occurring sulphites in the wine) can be pretty debilitating, it can’t really match the power of the red.

Why is red wine so cruel?

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Red wine mostly has a higher alcohol content than white, standing at around 12-14%. So there’s the start of it.

According to ABC, red also contains a lot of congeners, a byproduct of the fermenting process which give colour and flavour. When your body processes these congeners, toxins are released, making you feel bloody awful.

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The dreaded ‘red wine headache’, meanwhile, is believed to be the result of tannins – a flavonoid that makes the wine dry.

So all the things that make red wine a tasty drink will also give you pain. Nice. Really nice.

Damn. I really like red wine.

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Us too :(

Any tips on avoiding wine hangovers in general?

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According to Sarah Elliot at How Stuff Works, hangovers from drinking light-coloured alcoholic beverages are less stomach-wrenching across the board, so keep that in mind.

If you’re still devoted to red, drinking slowly, having lots of water and eating before you crack a bottle open can also help.

And have a merry wine o’clock, one and all.

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