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Here's what Dubliners need to understand about Supermacs

There’s nothing better than going to Shmacs for a shnackbox, believe us.

IF YOU’VE MOVED to Dublin from the shticks, you’ll know that Supermacs just isn’t a big deal up here.

Try as you may to cajole your city slicker mates into accompanying you to that fine establishment for some taco fries, they just don’t get it.

Why would they go to Supermacs? They have McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and even Abrakebabra, if they’re especially stuck.

But Supermacs is the best of them all – let us explain why.

We don’t have a choice

tumblr_m0ufjhgK2F1qisga0o1_500 Source: Tumblr

And when you don’t have a choice, you EMBRACE.

The food is actually very nice

tumblr_m52cj9jxGV1qdr16ko1_500 Source: Timeout

Much better than the standard fast food chain fare. Would we lie to you?

It’s the place to go after a night out down the country

supermacs2 Source: Flickr/jcorrius

Outside of Dublin, you’d be mad to go anywhere but Supermacs on a night out. Everyone is there! You can watch all the fights from the comfort of your booth! Some of them have to employ bouncers!

You can get anything on your chips

supermacs3 Source: Supermacs.ie

ANYTHING. Taco beef, cheese, garlic, curry, coleslaw…why are you making that face?

The mascot is a giant pink rabbit

supermacs4 Source: Twitter/@dionsis

Maccy D’s have a scary clown, KFC have that old guy, Burger King have a creepy plastic king. Pink bunny wins.

Papa Johns is just as good as Dominos

papajohns Source: Flickr/Moresheth

What? It is.

It makes your train journey home so much better

supermacs1 Source: Flickr/paul-ford

Nothing like going into Heuston and picking up one of those red and white bags of greasy goodness before getting on the train.

It belongs to us

supermacsours Source: Photocall Ireland

No other country (except Australia, potentially) has Supermacs. It truly reflects the highly sophisticated Irish palate, and is therefore unique.

Now get in there and have yourself a curry cheese chip, STAT. No need to thank us.

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