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Woman posts photograph of her breastfeeding a puppy 'to save its life'

The animal was refusing to eat, and she says her ‘maternal instinct’ kicked in.

A WOMAN IN Colorado has been making headlines after posting a photograph of herself breastfeeding a puppy ‘to save its life’.

The puppy’s mother had died and he was refusing to eat from a bottle, so rather than watch him die, the woman decided to try to breastfeed him herself.

She told Colorado’s Newschannel 13, that she was surprised at herself:

I just did it. I never thought I would ever do that. It was taboo to me as well… I guess you could call it, in a sense, maternal instinct.

The puppy, whose name is Tubs, has now made a complete turnaround and is eating normally from a bottle and doing well in terms of health.  The woman at the centre of this story says that she now feels justified in her action:

It reaffirmed… what I did was right. Because I did quietly in my mind feel ashamed…

Source: GreenWood

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