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13 extreme examples of what not to wear at work

Casual Friday aside, you’d want to get it together.


You might be in a fairly informal workplace and wear whatever you like (within reason) or it might be very much a suit and tie situation.

Still, you’d hope you’d have a better sense of workplace style than this bunch whether you’re stuck in an office or not.

1. The armed guards who are also highly fashionable

The side pony and frills are very on trend

via Feedio

2. Outfits not suited to dealing with “City Guardians”

Something about being dressed like a banana doesn’t seem right even when you’re handing out fliers on the street.

Wrote / Flickr

3. Being unsuited to Ghostbusters work

Where are they jet pack things with the tubes to get rid of ghosts?

Talk about not being prepared for your work day.

Phat Free Miguel / Flickr

4. Wearing your trousers way, way, way too high up on your waist

Even Simon Cowell has stopped doing this:

Traveling Mermaid / Flickr

5. Casual Friday Dominatrix Chic

The sunglasses are an interesting touch:

Iron Gate Gallery / Flickr

6. Stars Wars meets a raptor in the workplace

We’re not sure which is more questionable, being a mid-riff baring Stormtrooper at work or dressing as a raptor.

HeaterVesta / Flickr

7. Sandals

Not to mention putting your feet up on your desk while wearing them.


slworking2 / Flickr

8. Pink neon for the winter

We just feel this is a bit loud.

via Guzer

9. Your own knight costume

We appreciate the effort you’ve put in but that is not the look.

via Imgur

10. The mostly-white monstrosity

The sunglasses are just taking this to a "your grandfather if he was on Jersey Shore" place.

Chad Swaney / Flickr

11. Wearing shorts but not committing to it

Why look so embarrassed?

If you're going to wear shorts you have to really wear them.

The_April / Flickr

12. Wearing too much make-up when Prince Harry comes to visit

We get that this was a charity dress up day but still.

Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/Press Association Images

13. Wearing this when Prince Harry comes to visit

Charity or no charity, that is not the time for your YMCA tribute sir.


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