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11 ways bacon can make you live longer

The secret is happiness.

PEARL CANTRELL TURNED 105 this week.  The Texan grandmother is still active and loves to dance, and she puts her health down to one thing.


She eats it every day, and genuinely believes it is the secret to her long life.


To be honest, we’re not surprised.  Happy people live longer lives.  That’s just science.  And there are so many ways that bacon makes our lives better.

Here are 11 ways bacon can make you happy, and therefore live longer.  QED.

It can warm you up


It can cool you down

David Lebovitz’ Candied Bacon Ice Cream recipe will do the job.

It makes you smell delicious

It can make any food taste better

From cake…


To cinnamon rolls…


It can improve any drink

From coffee…


…to cocktails.


It can heal your wounds

(Especially the emotional ones.)


You can even eat salad out of it

You know…if you wanted to.

Flickr/V&A Steamworks

If you cover it in chocolate you can serve it alongside fruit


It can give your look a certain je ne sais quoi

Whether it’s a formal occasion…


Or you’re just hanging out…

Keds via Trendhunter

It can be part of your beauty routine


You can even put it on your pet

God Of Bacon In Dog Form.

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via Imgur

So.  Those are just some of the ways you can have more bacon in your life, therefore more happiness, and therefore live longer.

Is your mouth watering?  Our is.

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