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99 heaven

The DOs and DON'Ts of eating a 99

It is harder than it looks.

THE BEST THING about this heatwave is that you can make ice-cream a legitimate food group.

And that also means that you can enjoy a 99 with the perfect ice cream and a bit of chocolate.

But eating the humble 99 is fraught with trouble so we’ve broken down how to do it just right.

No need to thank us.

DO have one on a really hot day

slightly everything / Flickr

This sounds obvious but if you’ve found yourself a supremely sunny day then that 99 will taste far, far, nicer.

It’s like science.

DON’T eat lots of food beforehand

Right, we know that technically ice-creams are a dessert food but would like to warn you that something as amazing as a 99 should be enjoyed on a stomach that isn’t just full of a big feed of food.

Imagine not being able to enjoy a 99?

A horrible thought.

DO embrace the cone

distillated / Flickr

Look you might feel like you’re in a race to either eat all the ice cream before it melts into the cone or you prefer ice cream going all the way down.

Either way you have to embrace that 99s must come in a cone not a bowl or tub or anything else.

Anything else is just not the way they are to be eaten.

DON’T show off

This girl would want to get around to finishing that 99 and stop showing off if you ask us:

Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland.

DO enjoy one with a friend

Look how much fun this pair are having:

Photocall Ireland

DON’T be afraid to ask for more sauce

Johnthurm / Flickr

If you are watching someone make you a 99 and they are being stingy with the sauce feel free to demand more.

Nobody wants only a sliver of raspberry sauce.

DO get a proper chunk of chocolate

danncove99 / Flickr

Really a piece of Cadbury’s Flake is ideal but something chocolate must be involved for the 99 experience to be truly complete

DON’T give it to your cat

Very unhygienic:

My diabetic cat enjoying his ice cream cone.

via Imgur

DO get creative

My coworker's attempt at a santa ice cream cone

via Imgur

DON'T be afraid of a hat proclaiming your 99 love

Really love 99s? Why not get a hat made in their honour like this lady:

Geoff Caddick/PA Archive/Press Association Images

DO get that two scoop cone

Even if you're not sharing it.

Go on.

You deserve it:

Trevor Coultart / Flickr

DON'T be afraid to make a mess

Look, there's ice-cream going to be flying everywhere, crumbs from the cone and chocolate all over your face.

So just embrace it and enjoy all that the 99 has to offer.

Nikoretro / Flickr

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