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9 foods you've been eating wrong your whole life
We’re here to help.

HATE TO TELL you, but you have been eating these food items completely wrong.

1. Hard boiled eggs

Cut across the top of a boiled egg to get out the deliciousness? No need to! Just peel a little hole into the top of it, then BLOW.

Blown, like your mind.


Check out the whole thing.

Cooking Light / YouTube

2. A hamburger

Sick of messy burger spillage? Just put the two of your pinkies underneath the bun to keep it all inside. Ingenious, and minimal spillage.

Burger-Cut30 Foodbeast Foodbeast

3. An apple

Don’t waste it, do this.

The trick is to eat from the bottom.


4. Toberlone

A revelation.


5. Chicken wings

Some people still don’t know the twisty bone trick. For shame.

s3jizev Thejournal Thejournal

6. Oranges

Simply peel the top and bottom off the orange and then get your delicious segments like so.


26ad3ad5-e23e-43b3-ad40-05d7d7fd0335_oranges Yimg Yimg

7. Watermelon

One of the nicest fruits but the hardest to eat. Well NO MORE.


8. Cupcakes

Don’t get the frosting all over your face, as usual.

3WvFg Imgur Imgur

9. Takeaway noodles

That box folds out into a plate, you know.


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