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Fed up with the full Irish? Check out these amazing uses for black pudding

Seriously. It’s waffley versatile.

NOW, LISTEN, DON’T get us wrong.

We absolutely love the cooked breakfast and what it’s all about. Eggs, sausages, rashers, pudding – lay it all on us, any which way out of the pan, with whatever you’re having yourself.

Look. We’re aware that messing around with a bona fide Irish classic simply reeks of #notions, but let’s face it: these uses of black pudding look amazing.

Black pudding…

…In a lasagne

This recipe uses Morcilla (which is a Spanish black pudding), but you could just as easily lash some of Clonakilty’s finest into the mix here.

Source: PotLook

…Made into breakfast burgers

This is the ULTIMATE breakfast burger. Mix in black pudding with the mince and serve with bacon and an egg on top.

Source: Clonakilty Black Pudding/YouTube

…Getting involved in a rosti

The potato and black pudding, together at last. Perfect as a side for a massive breakfast. Or actually pretty much any time. I mean LOOK AT IT.

Source: MacSween

…Mixed into a salad

Black pudding is an incredible addition to a salad. There’s an abundance of leafy green recipes out there listing it as an ingredient. Bacon, croutons, ham hock… It has so many ideal salad bedfellows.

Source: adactio

…In tacos

Forget your huevos rancheros. There’s a new Mexican breakfast in town. (These tacos include egg as well, for the more adventurous.)

Source: Imgur

…As fancy scotch eggs

Just think about it for a second. Amazing, right?

Source: Food Network

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