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9 nightmares for people with *feelings* about coleslaw

The actual devil. Even the word ‘coleslaw’ is disgusting.

HOW DID WHAT is essentially raw cabbage and mayonnaise become such a popular dish? And why is it inflicted on us at every possible opportunity?

1. Seeing your the manky coleslaw knife being used on your sandwich

Absolutely devastating.

2. Accidentally getting a whiff of it on someone else’s food

Eating coleslaw in a confined space like an office or train should be a crime.

3. When a dish has a ‘side salad’ of coleslaw and it comes out practically on top of your food

1) Coleslaw is not a salad. 2) How dare you allow this fake salad to TOUCH the food.

4. This whole concept

What did those chips do to deserve this fate?

5. And this one

curry coleslaw Source: Just Eat

“Curry coleslaw cheese chips”. Why has nobody shouted stop? Why?!

6. This horror film

coleslaw Source: Twitter/@rhodri

I once saw someone drink a tub of coleslaw… Head back, tipped it in.


7. Spilled coleslaw

I'm not sure whati did to deserve this but #fuckcoleslaw

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8. Old coleslaw

Coleslaw that’s been sitting out in the deli for a few hours. Horrific.

9. And restaurants trying to dress it up by calling it ‘slaw’ when you know the truth

#beefpatty #turkeybacon #coleslaw #burger #allstarsgourmet

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“Served with a tangy red cabbage slaw.” YOU MEAN COLESLAW. YOU FIENDS.

Ban it. Ban it all.

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