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10 stops on the emotional rollercoaster that is having a dinner party

Having a dinner party this weekend? You’ve probably reached STRESS.

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE a good dinner party.  Combining delicious food with great company usually results in magic.

However, hosting a dinner party is not always easy.  In fact, some might say it’s an emotional rollercoaster, including the following stops.


smug-918x576 Source: Deliver Us From Smugness

This is such a great idea.  Not only is it the perfect way to get your friends together, but you’ll all be able to talk properly for once and it’ll be a cheap night in!  You are the best.


My sous chef looking up a recipe - Imgur Source: Imgur

You spend a few days poring over recipe books and websites, thinking of all the lavish dishes you can prepare.  You’ve never made Coq au Vin but surely if you buy the right ingredients you can manage it.

The world is your oyster!


Amy Adams as Julie Powell in Columbia Pictures' Julie & Julia. Source: Jonathan Wenk

As your menu comes together you become more and more excited.

You envisage the night, picturing yourself doling out immaculately presented and delicious smelling plates, muttering all the while that it was ‘no trouble at all’.

This is going to be great.

Sudden obsession over unnecessary items

ikea A quick trip to Ikea, that'll do it! Source: Ikea.ie

Suddenly you are consumed with thoughts of napkins and placemats.  Yes, your daily life may entail dinner on your lap in front of the telly, but suddenly these items are essential.

How can you have a dinner party without a table runner?  WHERE ARE THE GOOD COASTERS FOR GOD’S SAKE?


Chocolate_Fondant You haven't a hope. Source: Wikipedia

As the day approaches, your excitement suddenly turns to fear.  What if you’re not able to do this?  Even those chefs on TV can’t manage to make chocolate fondant with the right gooeyness in the centre.  You can’t even make scrambled eggs for pity’s sake!

What if it all goes terribly wrong?



The day has come and suddenly you realise that if you want everything to be ready you need to start cooking at 11:30, except you haven’t actually bought the stuff yet and it’s 11:45.

You’ve also just realised that you don’t have the right size tins for the fondant and that pot you were planning on using for the mash really isn’t big enough and you should really have made the soup ahead of time…. *head explodes*


regret Source: Shutterstock

This was a terrible idea.  What were you thinking?  And as for a cheap night in?!  PAH!  What a joke.

You are a terrible person.  Everything is awful.

Tentative happiness

SOdgD Source: Raven Tools

Everyone has arrived and they are sitting at the table and you can’t tell for certain but you’re pretty sure they’re having a nice time.  You definitely haven’t poisoned anyone yet… this could all be ok!


a happy stoat - Imgur Source: Imgur

Everyone is having a great time! This is truly wonderful!  You should do this more often! (The wine is kicking in.)



Waking up the day after, you’re dreading the clean-up, but you can’t help but feel a little proud.

You did it.  You cooked a meal for your friends and lived to tell the tale.  Congratulations.

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